“Whether I’m reframing an old artwork or framing something new, I love working with Debra. Her enthusiasm, gentle encouragement, keen sense of colour, light and mood of the subject to be framed along with her wide variety of framing materials (including some wonderful european stock), takes the guesswork out of framing for me. I’m always delighted with the results!”

Heidi Uhlig

Custom Framing Extrordinaire!

Debra is a reframing specialist. She offers insightful custom framing consultations showing you options and demonstrating how fine-tuned framing choices can further enhance your artwork. Debra will guide you thru the process of mat, glass and frame selection and can show you the finished product on her computer. Together you will make an informed decision based on both the artist’s intention and your personal style and decor. Chenier Fine Arts has over 1500 wood frame designs from Canadian suppliers. Many are hand finished by skilled artisans using old tools for stamping, leafing and for obtaining unique finishes. Only high quality conservation materials are used. You can preserve the condition of your family heirlooms and art on paper for future generations.

AFTER REFRAMING at Chenier Fine Arts – Double Matted – 4 1/2 inch wide Rag Mats cut with reverse bevels, Rag Foamcore, Museum UV Protecting Glass and Decorative Carved 3 1/4 ” Pewter Wood Frame with Green Undertones and Reddish/Brown Highlights

Previously Custom Framed Etching – Double Matted – 3 inch wide Acidic Mats, Regular Foamcore, Regular Glass and 1″ Coppery Gold Wood Frame

Have a look…

Original Lithograph on Paper Conservation Framed in Two Ways to Suit Different Clients’ Homes and Individual Styles and Preferences

5 inch wide Silk Fabric Mat, Conservation Reflection Control Glass & 2 1/2″ Silver Leaf Frame

Gold Fillet, 3 1/2″ wide single coloured Mat, Conservation Clear Glass & 1 1/2 “Gold Zen Frame