Bauçan, poet of images, music and words was born in Montreal in 1968. Self-taught, he left college to dedicate himself to his art.

In his twenties, he co-founded the art regroupement “Le Cénacle de l’Étendard” with Luc Courchesne, which publishes poetry books. He wrote and published two books as well as participated in many collective works with other poets that have been published as well. Between readings of poetry, he recorded an album under an independent label and produced a short-cut movie “Métro tard” with Eric Francoeur for first actor and Jean Cotonnec at the camera.

Eager for adventure, he explored Baffin Island and hitch-hiked across Canada. At 24 years old, during his first trip to Europe, his paintings were exhibited at an art gallery in Pont-Aven, Britanny (the same town where Gauguin lived). He has also showed his paintings in art galleries in Bruxelle, Cologne (Germany), Bordeaux, Nantes, Chicago, Texas, Toronto, and Montreal.

At the age of 26, he invented and constructed a 35mm antique looking photo camera, made out of paper. After having sold his invention to the Wrebbit company, he traveled for three years, from Czech Republic to North Africa.

Since 2004, he lives and paints in Thailand.


2011 Keystone Gallery, Calgary
2008 Au Gai Sabot, France
2006 Turbulence Épidermique, Montreal
2003 Artothèque, Montreal, Canada
2000 Galerie Symbole art, Montreal
1997 Galerie 529 of the Belgo building, Montreal
1995 Local 4331 St-Denis, Montreal
Galerie Anima-G, Quebec
1994 Bistro l’unique, Montreal
El Toro, Montreal
Bourbon Street, Mont-Rolland
1993 Galerie de l’Étendard, Montreal


2009 Keystone Gallery, Calgary
Artothèque de Montréal, Canada
2007 Blue Wind Gallery, Kyoto, Japon
2003 Galerie Artus, Montreal
Galerie Imagine, Bordeaux, France
2001 Art Expo, New York
1999 11th Painting Festival Symposium in Mascouche
1999 Belgo building, Montreal
L’Artothèque de Montréal
1998,95 Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec, Montreal
1994 Les 4’Arts, Montreal
Centre d’Art Ozias Leduc, Mont Saint-Hilaire
1993 Maison des Arts de Laval
Galerie de l’Étendard, Montreal


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1997-2000 Le Guide de Roussan
1995-96 Magazin’art, no 2, Winter 95/96


1998-95-93 Texts and paintings in the anthology “Poésie – Peinture” published by les Éditions du Cénacle de l’Étendard
1991 Solo book, composed of an interactive poetic story and of chosen poems.
“Le livre dont vous êtes le poète” published by Éditions du Cénacle de l’Étendard
1991 Poems in the “Livre Tierce”. An anthology published by les Éditions du Cénacle de l’Étendard
1991 Poems in the “Livre Second”. An anthology published by les Éditions du Cénacle de l’Étendard.
1990 Poems and drawings in the “Livre Premier”. A duo with Luc Couchesne.


1999 Receives (with painter François Faucher) the Loto-Québec grant at the 11th Painting Festival Symposium in Mascouche.


Ultramar, Montreal, Quebec
Caisse Populaire, Pierre-de-Sorel, Quebec

La vie humaine prend racine aux corps des femmes

Acrylic on canvas
26 x 36