Beaudet, Mario

Lives and works in Montreal, Canada.

His creative work is often inspired by his observation of nature. He takes particular delight in the finest details, the tiny shades of colour and shapes that may not be obvious at first glance. By using the process of Polaroid image transfer and working from collages of several images, or repetitions of the same image, he strives to create surreal situations or fantasy imagery. Symmetry plays an important role in his work. He uses its evocative power to illustrate his intentions. Furthermore, the use of repeated images creates organic representations often reminiscent of prehistoric art.

Polaroid image and emulsion transfers are alternative photographic processes that combine the techniques of painting, printmaking and photography.

“The hunt for beauty in the natural world, the discovery of an over-looked detail that gives form to the whole – these are the moments that make my work most rewarding. These are the moments when the creative process is most alive, the moment when art is born”.


1998-97 Photo etching and Polaroid Transfer, Saidye Bronfman School of Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada
1991-90 Desktop Publishing and Photographic Treatment, Maisonneuve College, Montreal, Canada
1979-78 Silk Screen Printing and Photography, Ahuntsic College, Montreal, Canada
1970-66 Environmental Design, School of Applied Arts, Montreal, Canada


2007 Variations d’éclaboussures colorées, Georges Laoun Opticien, Montréal, Canada
2006 Usine C, Montreal, Canada
2003 Galerie Espace, Montreal, Canada
2003 Cultural Centre La Polatière, Quebec, Canada
2000 L.L. Lozeau, Montreal, Canada
1999 Japanese Paper workshop, Montreal, Canada
1998 Tonerre de Brest, Montreal, Canada
1996 Productions Mag 2, Montreal, Canada
1991-1988 4060 Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Canada
1982 St-Hilaire Cultural Centre, St-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada


1999 National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Ontario
1999 The Plaza of Nations, Vancouver, British Columbia
1998 McCord Museum, Montreal, Canada
1997 Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal, Canada
1996,91 Photograph exhibit, Montreal, Canada
1989-88 Travelling photograph exhibit and catalogue
1989-88 Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montreal, Canada
1989-88 Bibliothèque Gabrielle-Roy, Quebec, Canada
1989-88 National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Ontario
1989-88 Place des Arts, Montreal, Canada
1989-88 Festival de théâtre universitaire, Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada
1985 Petr Franta workshop, Montreal, Canada


2010 4th Annual Photography Masters Cup Honarable Mention in the category “People”, Nomination & Winners Photo Show, London
2000 Silver medal winner, Canadian Association of Photographic Art, Vancouver, British Columbia


2002 3-Dimensional mural in the main entrance of the head office of Hewitt/Caterpilar, Montreal, Canada
1992 3-Dimensional mural in the main entrance of Place Bonaventure, Montreal, Canada
1988 Wood and steel 3-Dimensional mural at Publications du Québec, Complexe Desjardins, Montreal, Canada
1985 Wood and glass doors for the Chapel at the CHQ Building, Montreal, Canada
1983 Grouping of three steel and concrete sculptures in the lobby of the Lasalle Centre, Quebec, Canada
1982 Cedar and steel sculpture in the lobby of the Nazaire-Piché Centre, Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Maple 3-Dimensional mural in the lobby of the Rivière-des-Prairies CLSC, Quebec, Canada


2000 Polaroid Corp., Boston, USA
1992 Castle Communication School of Languages, Montreal, Canada
1986 Montreal Hospital for Handicapped Children, Montreal, Canada
1986 Les Productions Mag 2, Montreal, Canada

Le voile aux quatre vents

Mix-media on paper
23 x 10

Nues et Ombre

Mixed media on paper
15 x 10


Mix-media on paper
11 x 15

A Voile Levee

Mix-media on paper
10 x 15
Conservation Framed