Brouillette, Diane

Born in Valleyfield, Quebec in 1960, Diane Brouillette plays with traditional still-life compositions,
masterfully infusing inanimate objects with a new life. “Mother nature is the metronome of my
creativity,” she writes. “Over and over I pick up her fruits, her flowers, her colours and lost

Drawing inspiration from the shapes of fruits and the colours and textures of antiques, Brouillette
juxtaposes these elements in such a way that they engage in dialogue and mimic human form.
In her most recent production, the human body has taken centre stage, often left hovering
between light and shadows, the known and the unknown.

Her acute sense of colour and bold use of texture accentuates the dramatic ambiance found in
her work. Collage is an integral part of her work. Her mix-media approach on paper and canvas
make emotions appear palpable.

Brouillette’s art leaves no one indifferent. It will captivate the eye of the spectator, who will enjoy
discovering the subtleties of the matter.


1989     Academia Bella Arte, Florence, Italy
1985     Apprenticeship in etching, Grenoble, France
1985     Bachelor of Arts, Université de Québec à Montréal, Quebec
1981     Diploma of Collegial Studies in Fine Arts, Valleyfield, Quebec


2011     L’art et la bouffe – Le plaisir de gouter avec les yeux, Galerie Eve Fontaine, St-
1999     Galerie Michel Bigué, Saint-Sauveur des Mont
1997     Festival des Vins (Galerie Michel Bigué), St-Adolphe d’Howard
1996     Galerie Manseau, Joliette
1995     Printziles, Toronto
Galerie Estampe Plus, Quebec
Galerie Pauline Johnson, Montreal
1994     Galerie Estampe Plus, Quebec
Galerie Pauline Johnson, Montreal
Image 54 Gallery, Calgary


2012     Toronto Art Expo, Toronto, Ontario
2011     Bloom, Village Gallery, Mississauga, Ontario
2008    Merci Épicure!, La Voûte espace d’arts, Montreal
2001     Evènement Banque Nationale, Montreal
2000    Flora Canada, travelling exhibition
1998     Les Femmeuses 98, Pratt and Whitney, Longueuil
Galerie d’art Michel Bigué, St-Sauveur
Heffel Gallery, Vancouver
1996     Rockefeller Center, New York
1995     Galerie Manseau, Joliette
Maruzen Gallery, (Nagoya, Kyoto, Sendai, Okayama, Tokyo), Japan


1995     Artisan’s Alley, London, Ontario
1994     Galerie Manseau, Joliette
1993     Framing Matters, Sault Ste. Marie
1993     Artisan’s Alley, London, Ontario
1989     La Maison des arts, Montreal
Galerie Serge Turgeon, Montreal
1988     Bourse d’oeuvres d’art, Ottawa
1987     Service des Loisirs et de la Culture, Gatineau
1986     CEGEP de Valleyfield, Valleyfield
1985     Université du Québec à Montréal, Quebec
1981     CEGEP de Valleyfield, Valleyfield
1980    CEGEP de Valleyfield, Valleyfield
1980    Concordia University, Montreal


2011     Parcours, March to May 2011, Volume 15, Number 4, pp. 54-55
2007    Parcours, March-April-May 2007, no.30, p.38-39
2002-03    Parcours, Roberts Bernier
2000    Sur la route des Arts (televised documentary, 25 minutes)
1997     Magazinart, Lise Goulet


Loto Québec
Pratt and Whitney
Le Cirque du Soleil
Royal Canadian Mint

Her work is also part of many other public and private collections across the globe.

Univers parallèle

Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 60


Acrylic on Canvas
16 x 20