Ferland, Suzanne

A native of Sherbrooke, Suzanne Ferland now lives and works in Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley in the Eastern Townships. She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at the Université du Quebec à Montréal (UQÀM) and she also holds a Graduate Diploma in Management in cultural Enterprises at the HEC Montréal. Along with her career as a visual artist, she also worked as a designer on movie and television productions in Montreal.

The time spent observing the composition of different film frames forged in her mind a vision that she translated into her paintings. She transformed the filmed image into a standalone painting with split spaces to be recomposed at the editing process. This image segmentation has been part of her paintings since the beginning. Details shown in extreme close-ups allow the viewer to focus on a point of the artwork in order to give more breathing space to the background, leading us to further discover the true nature of the environment. She uses the territory, organic, rural or urban architectural elements as archetypes of our collective imagination. They express the contrast between nature’s strength and its fragility in any given environment.

Flirting with abstraction, the artist likes to propose various visual elements without completely revealing them. She incorporates digital photos in her paintings, creating a dialogue between them and her painted work. Those photos become “chosen moments”, like a freeze frame, guiding the viewers by offering them key insight into this open contemporary art.