Fleury, Martha

Martha Fleury was born on August 8th, 1956.

“Whether dealing with landscape or memory, my body of work deals with the relationship between dualities. Imagery vacillates between the literal and ambiguous: a play between two halves of the whole. By manipulation in both proportion and context, each variation becomes just one possible construction of a continually changing narrative.

In the floral series, my focus is on “looking”. I choose the sensual luster and permanence of oil medium to execute the transient beauty of flowers. Most set ups include the mirror, glass vase or shadow as devices of distortion. A leitmotiv of my art practice is our inability to see “truth”, that we see only a version of perception, a vision of truthfulness.”


2003 Concordia University, Masters of Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada
1992-1993 Fine Arts, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
1991-92 Ontario College of Art, post-graduate fifth year
1976-91 A.O.A.C Fine Arts, Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Canada


2005 Bering & James, Houston, Texas
2004 John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2003 Zeke’ s Gallery, Montreal, Canada (solo exhibition)
Spin Gallery, Toronto, Canada (solo exhibition)
2002 Spin Gallery, Toronto, Canada
John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Canada (first prize, drawing exhibit)
2001 Spin Gallery, Toronto, Canada (solo)
2000 Spin Gallery, Toronto, Canada Toronto Outdoor Show, Toronto, Canada
2000-1999 Hummingbird Centre, Toronto, Canada
1999 Riverside Gallery, Toronto
Spherical Arts, Toronto, Canada (solo)
1998 Riverside Gallery, Toronto, Canada (solo and group exhibition)
Gallery 1313, Toronto, Canada
1997 Spherical Arts, Toronto, Canada
Visual Arts Ontario, Toronto, Canada
Jonh Brunswick Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1996 Spherical Arts, Toronto, Canada
1995 Dufferin Mall, True to Form, Toronto, Canada
1994-95 Galerie Bourget, Montreal, Canada (solo)
1994 ITT Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Toronto, Canada
The Wellington, Toronto, Canada
1993 Spherical Arts, Toronto, Canada
1992 The Atrium, Toronto, Canada
1991-92 Gallery 76, Toronto, Canada
1991 The Atrium, Toronto, Canada
1981 Toronto Dominion Bank
1977 O’Keefe Centre, Toronto, Canada


2001 Ontario Arts Council Artist in the Community Grant
1997 Ontario Arts Council grant
1991 W.O. Forsyth Scholarship, excellence in painting


Crown Life Insurance Company, Toronto, Canada
Ernst and Young, Toronto, Canada
St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, Toronto, Canada


Pencil and wax on paper
14 x 3


crayon and wax on paper
2 1/2 x 14
Conservation framed


Pencil and wax on paper
14 x 3

Landscape 2

crayon and wax on paper
2 1/2 x 14
Conservation Framed


Pencil and wax on paper
14 x 2 1/2