Hsu, Terry

Terry Tsu was born in Shenyang, China. He started to paint at an early age under the influence of Eneha Eytnh, a Russian artist known for his classic realistic style. After moving to Canada in 1999, Terry was inspired as never before by the transcendent beauty of the landscapes he discovered. Terry’s artisanship is apparent in his award winning oil paintings which accentuate the beauty of the landscapes around him. The value of Terry’s work is in his use of time tested materials adding to the permanence, longevity and visual appeal of his paintings.

Born in Shenyang China, 1963
Drawing started at Dalian Children’s Palace, China, 1970
Painting from 1970, instructed by Eneha Nytnh, from 1980, instucted by FanFu Li.
1985, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industry Economic Management, Liaoning University and then employed by the municipal government, as a designer for local industrial development projects.
Refreshed for Industrial design and sculpture in China Luxun Art Academy, 1986
Advanced study in Fabric Design, China Luxun Art Academy, 1988
Chief Designer of developing projects, China Golden Cup Auto Group, 1993
1999 moved to Canada, a freelance fabric print designer

He is identified as a Hyper realistic painter.


Oil on canvas
40 x 30


Oil on canvas
24 x 36