Hurtado, Fabio

Fabio Hurtado was born in Madrid in 1960 and studied at The Fine Arts Faculty of Madrid University. An artist with an unmistakable style, his paintings recreate scenes in an almost cinematographic context which are set within the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s. His exquisite drawing skills and harmonious use of colour are complementary to the overall sense of mystery surrounding his stylish and elegant characters and the roles they play in his paintings. There is an implied interaction between the spectator, the paintings and the artist who encourages the viewer to use their imagination in unraveling and participating in the narrative of the work. His painting is both subtle and intelligent. Imagination and technique are in harmony resulting in a poignant statement of the timeless unchanging realities of the human condition. He has exhibited widely throughout Europe and America and his works are in constant demand. His last solo exhibition at the Albemarle Gallery was a complete sell-out and there is a long waiting list for his works. His international reputation is ever growing and he was recently invited to exhibit in an exhibition celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Spanish Constitution. Recently, the Spanish Postal Services issued a stamp collection featuring six of his paintings celebrating the role of women and literacy throughout history.


Serigraph on paper
26 x 15
Conservation Framed