Kelley, Brian

Kelley was born in Hartford, Connecticut, USA, in 1946. He lives and works in Toronto since 1970.

Brian Kelley works thematically returning again and again to images of roads, pathways, waterfalls, cedars, and rivers. He explores these images in various media, and from various vantage points.

Working in familiar territory, he looks out to the horizon, into the dark trees, or up at the waterfall.

He is comfortable with the shapes, the colours and the feel of the Northern bush where old memories and fresh impressions merge on the canvas. The pathways beckon into the dark forest, and we are drawn into the comforting and mysterious images.

The subject of landscape becomes the “medium” through which he expresses himself. His energy and enthusiasm is derived from playfully reducing all visual imagery to primary lines, patterns and colours.

“What I see (inside or outside me) activates my hand to work it out in lines and textures and colours, work on it until I’ve decorated it with myself, made it opalescent – translucent.”

Tulips and apples

etching on paper with enhacement
5 3/4 x 8 1/2