Naveh, Adriana

1963 Born in Argentina
1981- 1985 Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at the De Cuyo University in Argentina
1985 Immigrates to Israel
1986 – 1989 Educated in the art of etching and drawing at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv Learned and get inspiration at famous artist among them Ian Rauchwerger that contributes a lot to her knowledge in art.
1989-present employed as an artist in the Calman Shemi studio. 2000 Currently teaching drawing at a variety of institutions among them the prestigious Yad Lebanim Museum in Petach Tikva, the Amamit University in Jerusalem and private courses.
1997 – 2000 Graduated from Ort Career Institute in interior design.

With the use of an interesting medium, plaster spackle, and large open spaces the artist gives new meaning to the power of simplicity in composition. Women, engrossed in thought, caught in a simple soft pose, highlighted by a background of household objects. The intimate and private subjects are inspired from everyday life.

Her works can be seen in private collections in Argentina, Israel, Spain, France and USA.

Exhibitions :
1988 – Schluss Gallery in Neve Tsedek
1993 – Theater of Jerusalem
1995 – Artists House in Jerusalem
2002 – Moriah Gallery, Bethesda, USA
Estampa, Madrid – Spain
Art Istanbul – Turkey
Decor Atlanta – USA
Art Atlanta, USA
2003 – Miami – USA
Goldmunz Center, Anvers – Belgium
Artexpo New York – USA
Europ’Art, Geneve, Switzerland
Theater of Jerusalem – Israel
Moriah Gallery, Bethesda, USA
Estampa Madrid, Spain
2004 – Art Miami – USA
Artexpo New York – USA
Kiaf, Seoul – Korea
Estampa, Madrid – Spain
Galerie Assadi, Nyon, Switzerland
2005 – Art Miami – USA
Artexpo New York – USA
Fine Art Forum, New York – USA
Estampa, Madrid, Spain
2006 – Arte Sevilla, Spain
Artexpo New York, USA
Moriah Gallery, Bethesda, USA
Lineart, Belgium
Art Zurich, Switzerland
Estampa, Madrid, Spain
Miart Milano, Italia
2007 – Artexpo New York
Puro Arte Vigo, Spain
Estampa Madrid, Spain
2008 – Artexpo New York
Art Toronto, Canada
Gallery 133, Canada
AAF Paris, France
Estampa Madrid, Spain
Dima Galerie d’art, Paris
Artexpo Miami
2009 – Artexpo New York
Art Toronto, Canada
Artexpo Toronto, Canada
2010 – Art Monaco, France
Dima Galerie d’art, Paris
Art Singapur
Scalamata space, Venice, Italy


Original Serigraph on Paper, 236/300
Conservation Framed

Symphony in Red

19 x 18

Interior in Red

15.5 x 11 paper size