Proulx, Amelie

Amelie Prouxl is interested in the perpetual metamorphosis that occurs in natural phenomena and their transformation in space and time. She needs to explore her relationship with matter—from clay to cloud— and find a balance between this material exploration and the creative process, between intuition and rationality.

Geology, chemistry, meteorology often inform her artistic practice. Prouxl creates objects and environments inspired by the natural world that merge with architectural environments to point to and reopen our perception of natural phenomena. She believes that language fundamentally shapes our perception, and the focus of her recent works has been on the metaphors that reify natural phenomena through familiar images such as “fog veil,” “forest carpet” and “river bed.” Through writing and material exploration, she analyzes these metaphors, establishes new connections, and explores the outward signs of this new interaction. Using different materials and techniques, she multiplies the potential relationships among elements in a given environment. In doing so, her kinetic sculptures and installations suggest experiences, independent of our normal perception of time and space, in a hypothetical elsewhere where meaning is perpetually slipping.

By trying to understand her relationship to nature, Prouxl inevitably transforms it and transforms herself at the same time. She believes that art can shed some light on that metamorphosis. Essentially, what she tries to communicate, as simply as possible, is her appreciation for such flow of unforming and reforming interconnection and interchangeability of meaning in language and in the perception of natural phenomena.

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