Renard, Anne

Born in France in 1943, Anne has been living and working in Quebec since 1988.
Anne Renard comes from an artistic environment: her father is a physician, a poet and a musician. Her brothers and sisters are sculptors and painters. Her profession as a decorator was not artistically fulfilling so three years later, she entered l’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, then in Avignon, being among great sculptors such as César, Gardone and many others.

“In thirty years of creation, there has been despair, lack of trust, anger and many other abnegation as any artist may feel. Despite the inner turmoil, it has been impossible to surrender. Today, there is no aggressiveness, no suffering into my bronze sculptures, only happiness and welfare ensue from them. Dreams… don’t we all need to dream!”


2001         Inverness Bronze Museum, Quebec
2000         Rencontre X, Saint-Jean sur Richelieu
1999         Rencontre IX, Saint-Jean sur Richelieu
1998         Rencontre VIII, St-Jean sur Richelieu, First price
1996         Collective exhibition, Bronze Museum, Inverness
                Collective exhibition, Monseigneur Fabre Hall, Roquevaire, France
                Exhibition, Harrison Gallery, Montreal
1995         Collective exhibition, Bronze Museum, Inverness
                Collective exhibition, Salon des Galeries, Montreal
                Exhibition, Gallerie L’Art du Temps, Quebec
                Rencontre V , Saint-Jean sur Richelieu
1994         Exhibition, Archambault Galerie, Lavaltrie
                Exhibition, Galerie Constance, Quebec
                Exhibition, Bronze Museum, Inverness
                Rencontre IV, Saint-Jean sur Richelieu
1993         Exhibition, Galerie le Hilton, Quebec
1992         Collective exhibition, Thetford-Mines
1987-89    Permanent exhibition, Galerie L’Art du Temps, Gordes
1986         Collective exhibition, Grand Couvent Chapel, Cavaillon
1985         International Show Contest: Les Seigneurs de l’Art. First price with distinction. Aix en Provence.
                Collective exhibition, Salon in Provence
1984         Many solo exhibitions in the Vaucluse area
1983         International exhibition, Maison de la Culture, Avignon
1982         Exhibition, Hermet Gallery, Paris IIIeme.
1979         Collective exhibition, Grand Couvent Chapel, Cavaillon
                Solo exhibition, Gordes, France
1978         Collective exhibition, Grand Couvent Chapel, Cavaillon
                Collective exhibition, Munich, Germany
1977         Exhibition Nouvelle Figuration, Grenoble
                Exhibition Galerie Athena, Saint-Remy de Provence
                Exhibition, Les Leutards Gallery, Lacoste
1976         Personal exhibition, Galerie La Tour, Avignon, France
1969         Many solo exhibitions in different galleries, Dijon, France
1968         First collective exhibition, Salle Commune in Dijon, France


Bronze Museum, Inverness

Her works are part of many collections in Hong Kong, France, Germany, Thailand, Japan, India, Canada and the United States.

La Couple

Bronze Candlestick Holders