Turia, George Dragomir

Born February 16, 1962, in Romania.

In his works he tries to emphasize the importance of the intimate bond between the material and the spiritual: denying each other, disregarding each other but always accompanying each other, existing only in complementary consent.

“The Man and the Woman are parts of the same being, they are highly spiritual and, consciously or not, they nest the aspiration for a spiritual evolution and for a divine sign.

They separated and deconstructed the Primordial Couple but ever since they have been continuously looking for the initial harmony, they try to recompose the perfect picture, so they interact with one another in the most unexpected ways”.

The surface is extremely important in his works; he creates different textures that remind us of the old frescoes and of the ceramic basorelief. Whether he works on canvas, wood or paper, he applies colors on the overlapping layers of modeling paste, which are of different granulations. He shapes his characters out of the different levels of layers or out of the various textures. He prefers warm colors because they reflect the harmony of nature.


STOLEN DEC 2011 - Crimestoppers Reward
12 x 12