Van Mierlo, Anne

Originally from Holland, born in 1943, she was introduced to painting at a young age by her father, also a painter. In Paris, where she spent 10 years before coming to Canada, she made herself known through drawings and watercolours. But her creative energy can be seen in her oil paintings since her arrival in Canada. She has been teaching painting for 16 years in the Montreal region and, since 1977, at La Maison des Arts Rive Sud, where she is a founder member.

When she says that Expressionism was for her the biggest pictorial revelation, we are not surprised by the intensity of her art since the exaltation of the color and the stylization of the shapes indicate so clearly her attachment to this artistic movement. She lives for color and thus causes her entire work to vibrate. She constructs her palette from privileged colors like red vermilion, green veronese, permanent purple and ultramarine blue, which feed a universe created from her personal sensations.

For the past few years, the artist’s work on paper adds to her artistic approach, permitting her to combine her two passions: drawing and painting. The oil stick becomes a selected medium, answering to the linear criterion as well as to the saturated colors. The work on paper represents a new challenge for the artist: to captivate the essential with a minimum of lines. The live model is most appropriate for this aspect of her art. Recently, Anne Van Mierlo’s abstract work enriches her perpetual need to go further in her artistic progression.

Nude VI

Mix-media on canvas
16 x 16 inches