Voichescu, Petru

Originally from Romania, Petru Voichescu received his degree in architecture, initially working as an architect and stage designer in his home country. In Canada since 1979, his career has expanded to include the fields of art and interior and exhibition design. Petru has taught art and design students at universities and colleges in Quebec and Ontario. He continues to explore a wide range of media, including drawing, etching, and painting, with his present focus being on printmaking.

“My artistic approach is best summarized as an exploration of the sensitivity and ability to react to artistic surfaces. Their inherent nature permeates through all media, with gesture, feeling, desire and emotion accumulating and intermingling. By creating relationships between materials and various techniques (monotype, etching), my aim is to arrive at hybrid works of art which take form with sagacity and a touch of serendipity.”

“Through the poetic dimension of space and the interaction between form and material, result works full of intensity, expressiveness and sensitivity. Colorful form, linear gestures, calligraphy, and biomorphic signs reveal my vision of human beings with the intensity of their soul, emotional state and background.”

“The works of past and present artists and printmakers remain a great source of inspiration and knowledge for me, as do literature and music. Exploring the process of creativity in different contexts and cultural milieu is equally interesting because of the fragility and unsteadiness that brings me to raise questions pertaining to my work.”

Voichescu’s art can be found in several private collections in Canada, France, Mexico, Romania, Switzerland and the United States.


2008 O sea que… / Senderos…“, Biblioteca “Los Mangos“ Centro Cultural Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2008 Autrement dit…, Gallery Pouf-Pouf, Montréal, QC, Canada
2007 O sea que…” Casa Beard, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2007 Senderos, Arte Studio
2007 Cathy Von Rohr, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


2012 Chapelle du Bon Pasteur, Montréal, Québec
2011-2006 Atelier Evelyn Dufour, Montréal, QC, Canada
2011 Serendipity Suite, Other Gallery, Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada
2011 Conjure the Ghost, Other Gallery, Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada
2011 Portraits d’eau-Water Portraits, Galerie G. Flowers, College Dawson, Montréal, Canada
2011 Libros alternativos, Centro Cultural Cuale y Biblioteca Los Mangos Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2010 México en la mirada, Galería y Centro Cultural Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico
2010 México en la mirada, Biblioteca “Los Mangos” Centro Cultural Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2010 Mondial de l’estampe et de la gravure original, Triennale de Chamalières Chamalières, France
2010 BAM, Ville Marie, Ville Marie, QC, Canada
2010 Annual Subasta, Biblioteca “Los Mangos“-Centro Cultural, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2009 À deux voix, Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur, Montreal, QC, Canada
2008 ARPRIM : Papier 08, Westmount Square Montreal, QC, Canada
2008 Autour de Gilles Tremblay, Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur, Montréal, QC, Canada (Jury Prize)
2008 Mois de l’art imprimé, Gallery Wilder & Davis, Montréal, QC, Canada
2007 ARPRIM: Papier 07, Westmount Square, Montréal, QC, Canada
2007 Taller La Raya“, Museo Historico Naval, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2007 Town Hall Gallery, Montréal West, QC, Canada
2007 Gravures en liberté, Centre d’Art de Dunham, QC, Canada
2007 Galeria Caracol, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


2012-2004 Printmaking, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2012-2004 Printmaking, Atelier Evelyn Dufour, Montreal, QC, Canada
2011-2003 Printmaking, Monotype, Collage, Drawing, Painting , Westmount Visual Arts Centre, Montreal, QC, Canada
2011-2010 Libro alternativo, Dr. Daniel Manzano, Mexico City
2011 Artist’s residence, Banff Art Center, Alberta
2008 Creativity and Abstraction in Artistic Drawing, Toni Guerra, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2008 Aquatint and Spit Bite, Louis-Pierre BougiE, Atelier Circulaire, Montréal, QC
2007 Colour, Abstraction and Symbolism, Stewart Hall, Pointe-Claire, QC
2006 CollagraphY, Jacinthe Tétreault, Atelier Circulaire, Montreal, QC, Canada
2006 Printmaking, Instituto de Arte de l’Universidad De Guanajuato, Mexico
1999 Pedagogy Diploma, Sherbrooke University, QC, Canada
1977 Architecture Diploma , Ion Mincu University, Bucharest, Romania


Since 2005 ARPRIM (promotion of printed arts)
Since 2008 RAAV (Visual Artists of Quebec)


2009 Honorable Mention, International Miniature Print Competition, Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk, CT, USA
2009 Marvin Bolotsky Prize, International Miniature Print Competition, Norwalk, CT, USA
2008 Jury Prize, Autour de Gilles Tremblay, Chapelle historique du Bon Pasteur Montreal, QC, Canada
2008 Work chosen for Permanent Collection, Museo de Arte del Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico


2 x 2 inches


Etching on Paper, 10/15
3 x 3 inches
Conservation Framed

Opus 1

Etching on paper, 4/20
12 x 12 inches


Etching on Paper, 15/15
12 x 6