Lafrance, Jean-Pierre

Born in Montreal in 1943, Jean-Pierre Lafrance studied at the École des Beaux-Arts de Montréal in 1959. In 1974, he discovered the art of sculpture with Jordi Bonet. In 1984, he learned engraving at Atelier de l’Ile. Jean-Pierre Lafrance’s art can be characterized by his intense and spontaneous brush strokes. Through the abstraction of his paintings emerge structures which guide the eye towards more evocative forms. The artist’s sensibility is reflected in his luminous hues and rich textures. His works captivate the senses and nourishes the imagination.

We can find his work among the largest private and public art collections in Canada and throughout the world.


1984 Serigraphy and lithography technique
1984 Atelier de l’île de Val-David, Val-David, Quebec, Canada
1979-78 Ateliers Jordi Bonet, Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
1962-61 Studio Salette, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (watercolours)
1960-59 Montreal’s School of Fine Arts, Quebec, Canada


2011 Harbour Gallery, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
2010 Galerie Michel-Ange, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2010, 2007 Thompson Landry Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2003 Centre d’Art Ozias Leduc, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
2003 Mont-Saint-Hilaire Art Museum, Quebec, Canada
2002 Galerie Michel-ange, Montreal, Canada (duo)
2000 Oxford Gallery, Rochester, New York, United States
2000-99 Galerie Michel-ange, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1999-95 Teodora Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1995, 1993 Galerie Simon Blais, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1994 Maison des Arts de Laval, Salle Alfred Pellan, Quebec, Canada
1994 Galerie Vincent, Ottawa, Ontario
1994 Centre d’exposition Val d’Or, Abitibi, Quebec, Canada
1993 Galerie Michel Bigué, Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, Canada
1992 Galerie 13, Soho, New York, United States
1992 Micheal Ayzenberg Gallery, LA, California
1991 Galerie Michel-Ange, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1991 Galerie Michel Bigué, Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, Canada
1990 Oxford Gallery, Rochester, NY, USA
1989 Galerie Michel-Ange, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1988 Galerie Point Rouge, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1986 Auberge des Gouverneurs ( Ministry of Cultural Affairs) Quebec, Canada
1985 Cultural Center of Amos, Quebec, Canada
1985 Galerie les 2 B, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1985 Vanier center, Châteauguay, Quebec, Canada
1985 Val d’Or Cultural center, Abitibi, Quebec, Canada
1985 Rouyn-Noranda Exhibition center, Abitibi, Quebec, Canada
1982 Cultural center of Amos, Quebec, Canada
1982 Yahouda Meir Studio, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


2006 Harbour Gallery, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
2006 Galerie Michel-Ange, Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2000 Rouyn-Noranda Art center, Pass’ Art 2000, Abitibi, Quebec, Canada
2000 Toronto 2000 International Art Fair, Convention Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1999 Oxford Art Gallery, Rochester, NY, USA
1998 Teodora Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1997 Galerie Michel Bigué, Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada
1997 Praxis Galleria, Mexico city, Mexico
1996 Galerie Michel-Ange, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1996-95 Guadalajara, Mexico
1995 Praxis Galleria, Mexico city, Mexico
1995 Galleria Uno, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
1995 Oxford Gallery, Monterry
1994 Teodora Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1994 Galerie Simon Blais, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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Also seen in many other publications in different magazines and newspapers.