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Viviane Gruais

Viviane Gruais is originally from France and has lived in Quebec since 2010. In 2020, she was selected to exhibit in Moscow, Russia and in Japan at the Metropolitan Theatre in Tokyo. The artist has to her credit more than 80 personal and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

“The artist’s work is essentially inspired by the reading of the landscape and the territory, both urban and landscaped. Territory, memory, geodesy of the land, trace, imprint. All these connotations lead her to purify and remove the invasive ocular to live a new dialogue with the panorama.

The pictorial writing which emerges from it immediately becomes a frame, the masses calm down, the voids and the solids take shape, collide with each other and end up transcribing the essence of the feeling in this timeless decoding.

Her creativity is constantly renewed through the contemplation of nature. These living forces, ranging from birth to transformation, from the development to aging of the material, lead it to create landscaped states combining lightness, strength and dynamism. The whole process of creation fascinates the artist. In her latest work on transparent acrylic plate, she tries to freeze the imprint and the memory of the landscape in ice. In this creative process, a more minimalist style is essential.”

Gruais Collection