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Romance by Michelle-Anne Brosseau

Born in Montreal in 1956.

Michèle has been painting since the age of sixteen. Besides her training in art (painting elective), she did some works in silk-screen, photo mechanic and etching on paper.

Fascinated first and foremost by colour and shapes, her paintings capture her emotions, her state of mind. A pictorial biography, her paintings show gestural spontaneity, richness in colour and emotion.

“My work is a pictorial autobiography. Inspired by my travels, literature, music, and emotions that I feel, I always start a painting without drawing. I just let myself go with the colors and then work the surfaces. I know that it will be figurative but there will be a lot of unexpected results. I love colors.”

Surrounded by original art from a young age, Michele Anne Brosseau always knew she would become a painter. It is simply who she is. Her studio overlooks a busy waterway where she can watch the ships come and go. “I love to stay where there is water. For me it is peaceful.”

Invited to colleges to speak about her art, Michele Ann enjoys instilling the passion of her success into a new generation so that they can believe in a future in the arts. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries throughout North America and are increasingly being collected worldwide.

“I have images in my head of moments of well-being, times of rest where tenderness can not be anything but genuine, where words is nothing but a common accessory to the touch. How can I not react through the voice of my brush…my sixth finger.”


1976-80 Art studies, painting elective, U.Q.A.M.


2003 Joints Home Accent & Custom Framing, Calgary, Canada
2001 Art Expo New York, New York, USA
2000 Espace 1040, Montreal, Canada
2000 Galerie France Art, Montreal, Canada
1999 Exposition des galeries, Marché Bonsecours, Montreal, Canada
1998 Galerie Rosenberg, Montreal, Canada
1991 Galerie L’Empreinte, Montreal, Canada
1988 Centre culturel juif de Laval, Quebec, Canada
1985 Galerie L’Empreinte, Montreal, Canada
1985 Côte à Baron, Montreal, Canada
1985 L’Invité d’Outremont, Quebec, Canada
1984 Galerie L’Imaginaire, Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada
1984 Centre culturel juif de Laval, Quebec, Canada
1983 Pointe du Moulin, Ile Perrot, Quebec, Canada
1980 Centre culturel Vanier, Châteauguay, Quebec, Canada

Her works are part of many private collections throughout the United States, Canada
and Europe.

BROSSEAU Collection