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Catherine Lempereur W 24' x H 24' Digital Art on Plexiglass with Lightbox Framed

Having worked in the world of luxury for many years with a certain passion for art, especially digital art. I decided to launch myself on a new journey of life. For many years, my career always had a direct relationship with the artistic sense, whether in fashion, creating haute couture and many more.

Digital art in my opinion, is a creative blend of language, algorithms of visual creation, image sensor or you can add a rainbow colors, different visual effects, especially to allow the artist to escape into this world apart. Allowing some movement in this work and to share this emotions through this particular universe, which is my present case.

Digital art is known only since the 80s, but I am convinced “Modern Impressionism was born.” Editing digital art is first, an achievement with high quality materialization valuing the content of the work and ensuring its sustainability.

Currently, my printing works are on a plexiglass to keep the bright and modern side but knowing that there will always other printing processing, I never fail to look into it and let you know. I let you navigate through my creative world, and hope to see my work sharing your living space or other places soon.

LEMPEREUR ​Collection