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The artist was born in Chicoutimi, in the scenic Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region, in Québec.  Her origins have deep roots here and this region inspires her highly personal creative work.

As a self-taught painter, she experiments with different techniques, but nothing attracts her more than the marriage between the acrylic and oil paint.  Instinctively, she knows how to draw the best out of the material she uses, freely integrating mixed techniques in her art or even go beyond established rules to move forward in her process.

Her figurative style has nothing of a portrait.  With her paintings, she wants to materialize the characters who inhabit within her and express what she values most : emotion, feelings, well being, or even a deep impression left by some readings.  Her art, like music, breaks up and stops time.  Intuitive, sensitive and strong at the same time, she cuts and refines her work.  With warm and temperate colours, she freely and simply expresses her reflection.

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