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Plus Grande Que Nature 12x12 by Lise Tremblay

Born in Montreal on October 8, 1946.

Institut des Arts Graphiques de Montréal graduate, art professor, graphic illustrator and clothing designer, Thaychi (Lise Tremblay) has been drawing from a very young age. For several years, she manifested an interest for batik, painting on silk and watercolour.

The search for her inner self, the need to express her moods as well as the desire to transmit a spiritual dimension bring her toward the abstract which she uses in her collages and her silkscreen printing. The worlds of transparency, of subtlety, texture and of special effects brought to her by these mediums, appear infinite to her. She knows how to explore them with a passion in order to create a unique world somewhere between the tangible and the intangible.

Thaychi takes a contemplation period from 1995 to 1999. This time of artistic and spiritual research brings her renewed energy. The artist develops her oil and mix media technique and changes the iconography of her paintings. She hopes to capture ancient memories of different civilizations while drawing from a universal and sacred geometry.